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Hot Wax Stripsfri - 1 kg. Xan-Italia Green


1 KG voks disker. Posen har smart åpne og lukkefunksjon. 

Stripsfri voks med lavt smeltepunkt. 

Produsert av Xan-Italia


Traditional green wax Xanitalia very soft to the touch and easy to spread, special sensitive skins that blush easily 
Ideal for all body waxing

  • Applies to the spatula
  • Without bands

Use : Heat the wax in a wax heater to obtain a homogeneous, malleable and warm paste of creamy consistency Check temperature 
Apply the wax with a spatula in the direction of hair growth, to facilitate tearing leave a thicker edge for better grip 
Allow the wax to cool, slightly lift the end of the wax and remove it in a reverse direction 
Apply a post-epilation product to remove any wax residue

Composition : Colophonium, Glyceryl Rosinate, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax, Zea Mays Oil, Chlorophylin-Copper Complex, Paraffinum Liquidum, CI 61565

Quantity : 1kg